The Oregon Legislature is considering a bill that threatens flexible jobs. It would impose strict scheduling mandates and remove the flexibility employees currently enjoy to schedule their jobs around school, family and other obligations. It is a one-size-fits-all approach that fails to recognize the unique needs of individual businesses, employers and employees.

We Work for Oregon is a coalition of local businesses, employers and employees working together to maintain the vibrancy and entrepreneurial spirit of Oregon’s businesses and service industry.

We Work for Oregon knows Oregon’s economy relies on its vibrant business and service industries. We’re not just management, not just workers and not just business owners. We’re all three.

Here are the facts:

  • Employees seek out these jobs because of the flexibility to schedule shifts around their lives.
  • Businesses and the service industry provide hundreds of thousands of jobs for Oregonians.
  • Many of the operators targeted by these bills are small businesses, operating on very slim margins.
  • The bill was crafted without any collaboration or input from industry, operators or their employees.

If passed as written, the restrictive scheduling legislation will:

  • Harm employees who value flexibility when scheduling their jobs.
  • Make it harder for local businesses to provide growth opportunities.
  • Impose overly restrictive scheduling mandates on employers as well as punitive fees, penalties and the threat of frivolous law suits.
  • Stifle business growth and investment in Oregon.
  • Weaken local job creation and even decrease number of available jobs.
  • Reduce choices as well as quality customer service for Oregonians.
  • Threaten the unique Oregonian way of life.

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