We Work for Oregon is a coalition of local businesses, employers and employees working together to maintain the vibrancy and entrepreneurial spirit of Oregon’s business community.

Politicians in the Oregon state legislature are pushing legislation that could:

  • Impose a rigid “two-week scheduling notification” requirement that makes it impossible for managers to schedule shifts flexibly in response to seasonality, demand, or extreme weather.
  • Prohibit employers from adjusting staffing levels quickly in response to periods of peak customer traffic.
  • Prevent employees from swapping shifts within two weeks of the shift date, in order to make sure that all shifts are covered.
  • Trim already razor-thin margins and make it harder for local businesses to provide benefits and growth opportunities to employees.

Tell state legislators to protect business in Oregon.

As employers, we support our employees and their ability to pick the schedule that works best for them and their lifestyle. We support practical regulations that restrict such practices such as “clopening” that are not in the best interest of our employees.

Let your state elected officials know that you are a vital part of the industry and deserve to have your voice heard. You can send a message through Facebook, Twitter or email, and it will go straight to your state elected official.