Flexible jobs keep Oregon running. Don’t let politicians take them away.

Many Oregonians in the service industry and other businesses could soon see the employment flexibility they rely on disappear. State politicians have introduced a bill that will have serious consequences for employers, employees and businesses.

The so-called “two-week notification” requirement in the legislation will:

  • Require employees to abide by rigid schedules that can’t be changed to accommodate last-minute school or family obligations, or situations like extreme weather.
  • Make it more difficult for employees to swap shifts with coworkers.
  • Prevent employees from picking up extra shifts to maximize their take-home pay.
  • Decrease the number of available jobs.

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The We Work for Oregon coalition support(s) many of the important measures that protect workers’ quality of life included in the proposed bill. For example, we do not endorse “clopening”.

However, measures like the extreme two-week scheduling notification impose a “one-size-fits-all” burden on a unique, diverse workforce that requires – and deserves – flexibility.

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