Oregon’s Vibrant Businesses and Service Industry are Under Attack 

We Work for Oregon is a coalition of local employees and employers working together to maintain the vibrancy and entrepreneurial spirit of Oregon’s business community.

State politicians are pushing extreme legislation that undermines Oregon’s businesses and the Oregonian way of life. It is a one-size-fits-all approach to regulating an array of industries that fails to recognize the unique needs of individual employers and employees.

The result? Increased operational and legal burdens for employers, fewer flexible and part-time opportunities for employees, and a weaker economy with fewer hospitality and service industry options for Oregonians.

The facts:

  • Oregon businesses and service industry employers provide hundreds of thousands of jobs for Oregonians.
  • Employees seek out these jobs because of the flexibility to schedule shifts around their lives.
  • Many of the operators targeted by these bills are small businesses, operating on very slim margins.

Let your elected officials know that you are a vital part of the industry and deserve to have your voice heard. You can send a message straight to your state elected officials through Facebook, Twitter or email.